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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. good morning, a woman wakes up with a stranger in her apartment, the fran sick -- frantic search is underway. well the rain is stopped for now but we are tracking the next big punch which is headed towards the bay area, we will tell you when it gets here and what is expected to be a big problem. emergency phone booths are not making students feel safe,
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it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you welcome to a brand-new day, it is thursday november 29th, i am dave clark. >> it seems a little bit of a break unless you have points north. >> when that wind kicks in, it's really mild but it is official and we are waiting for the next big wind and today is that in between day 60s for most. all right, here is a live look at the bay point in the pittsburgh area and headlights can be seen as traffic is flowing nicely. here is a pretty shot of the span and we have a high wind
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advisory in effect so take it easy across the bridge this morning. we are following breaking news out of palo alto this morning. a frightening experience for a young woman who woke up this morning to find a strange man in her apartment. according to palo alto police, a woman in her 20s woke up and saw a man in her apartment. police say the man ran off, the woman was unharmed. police searched the area with a police dog and they are continuing look for him this morning. an and month mouse tip is looking for a man after a standoff. they went into a home in the heights where the man was hiding. he was warned for assault on a police officer after he allegedly rammed a squad car as police were chasing him yesterday. police found his car near holly park and then they got a tip that he was hiding in a nearby
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house. >> they were able to confirm the suspect and called in a tactical team. >> they took the man into custody and he is a parole lee in a federal prison. he served time for gun violations and had a warrant out for his arrest. agree operation sparked a fire early this morning. claudine wong joins us now from the scene with what she has learned from police this morning, claudine? >> police tell us it was a legal grow and they were growing a small amount inside their home. this is about where the house is and firefighters left the scene and left within a few minutes. it was fairly business out here for a few hours and they put the fire out and got the call when the person inside the home
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saw smoke and crackelling coming from a loft area. they say there was some debris which made it hard to get to the fire at first but they were able to put it out 30 minutes from the time they first got the call. they spoke to the homeowner and resident who lived there, they said they had a medical marijuana license and they checked and did confirm the validity. they had an at -- they had an alternative area they can live and they will be able to secure the electric into the facility. at this point we are making sure all the is are dotted and
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the. thes are -- it is are crossed. now the last firefighter left the scene just before we came on the air here and the street a back quiet once again. it will be quiet once again so residents can get back into their homes but for the most part fairly small fire, the medical marijuana grow fairly small and league. they are worried about chronic problems with campus emergency phones. they report there are more than 280 emergency phones on campus. twos to are with forms that are constantly affected by weather. they are trying upgrade the phones and until it is upgraded
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they are asking that students walk in groups or walk with a campus escort. a second big storm will be here in the bay area by tonight. alex savage is along the highway, i know they shut it down, what is it like out there, alex? >> the first bit of rain did leave some street flooding in ocean beach and take a look behind me, the ocean has reseeded although i can tell you the roadway is closed right now. this was the scene, much more severe when the national park service closed down because there was too much standing water in this area. one man started driving through the intersection and of course his car died. and major concerns near folsom and 17th street to be specific because heavy rain flooded an apartment building and several other businesses as well. this is an area that is
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susceptible to flooding when the rain gets heavy. >> this is a low-lying area, it naturally wants to pool here and this wants to be a look began to. when we have that the water has no place to go. >> now san francisco's department of public works is rushing to get sandbags for the next round of storms. they have a stock pile on standby for these next two systems over the coming days. you can get them as long as you are a resident in the city's public works yard, but keep in mind, there is a limit of 10 sandbags per household. it is not quite as much of an issue but no word on when the highway will reopen. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> steve has been mentioning this next storm is expected to arrive in the north bay.
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they could expect flooding of rivers in small creaks. it will have workers and heavy machinery where a new culvert will be put to the test. >> what we need to do is manage debris during the flood. >> now it is part of a napa river flood project and the current level is at three feet, flooding stage is at 9 feet. stay with us for up to the minute coverage, it will be here for us online and on your mobile device. michael bloomberg wants congress to move fast to approve federal funding for hurricane sandy. they met with a dozen lawmakers and new york is asking for $42 billion in extra aid.
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they are asking for the almost $27 billion in recovery. well earlier today they are voting whether to recognize palestinians is an observer state. mahmoud abbas is looking for a political vote. and there is an accident in the east bay, let's check in with tara. it is sandwiched on east 14th street and there is a big truck that slammed into three parked cars and now it is leaking tee sill fuel. right now we are looking at our maps if we can show you, this is that 84 eastbound near the high-rise to be aware of that. those taillights, those folks
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are headed towards the caldecott and finally looking fine. you can barely see but traffic is doing well. 5:09 here is steve. tara good morning, mostly cloudy skies to the north, our system has a ways to go but the winds are in advance of that. this is yesterday. almost two inches of rain, forestville west santa rosa i had to squeeze that in there. kevin levy picked up an inch and a quarter. there is still some light rain coming in, in lake county and you really don't get much of a break. after that it is kind of quiet but as pam said there was a
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drizzle and you can see novato, overall, today is that in between day and we have mostly cloudy skies. the front is up here and it will take awhile to get here. once it does, it will slow down a little bit. we will be okay through the morning and unless you are in the north, you will not have any problems not until 4:00 it finally starts to move in overnight, light winds to the north unless you have up north of santa rosa but everybody else will be up to 50 and 60 degrees. a break friday morning, more rain saturday night and sunday morning and things calm down monday. we have a tragedy in cupertino, what we now know about a man who lost his life
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in a shooting rampage last year. what they are saying about that deadly clothing factory fire in bangladesh. we will tell you about an advisory on a bay area bridge coming up, stay tuned. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off.
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. coming up, confirming what survivors said about a fire that killed more than 100 people. the victims were locked inside
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as the flames spread. the fire department used bolt cutters to cut the locks. at least 112 people were killed in that fire. managers locked the gates as the fire alarms were sounded. three men have been arrested for blocking them instead of helping them to escape and get out. there is no end in sight. this is people seen rummaging through an airplane that they shot down. they targeted residential building and nearby vehicles. opposition leaders are hoping to form a transitional government that could take over if the rebels overthrow
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president a sad. allison in our washington dv newsroom with why they are calling them political feeders. >> reporter: the upgraded united nations status is seen as a significant step towards statehood. this is video from pall palestinians television ahead of the united nations vote after a failed bid last year, and today palestinians leaders are trying a different approach. mahmoud ahmadinejad is looking for non-observer status like the vatican and they would say it is territorial like the west bank. >> they will objectify the justice the palestinians have undergone beginning with the state of israel in 1948... >> reporter: the un vote comes
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after a cease-fire agreement at the un in gaza. some say mahmoud ahmadinejad needs to boost his own authority and we are looking at why the u.s. is opposing that, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have new details about a hero at cement plant in cupertino. they issued a report, they said the truck driver tried to tackle the gunman and save his co-workers. he hid from police inside a crawl space inside a house in sunny veil. deputies shot him when he came out the next day but he actually died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. it makes six suspicious --
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suspicious fires in two weeks. one damaged a mortgage business in alabama and broadway. another one was a burning chair in an alley about a half mile away. now these two fires are very close to four other fires in the past two weeks which burned two homes and two businesses. >> i don't know what it tells me but i can tell you i am worried to death. >> so far nobody has been hurt in these fires. vallejo police want you to report any information you have about these cases. cal trans is wanting to be more public about overseeing projects. they are overseeing work on the eastern span of the new bridge. they have been publically defending the work and the secretive process used. complaints began after reports of irregularities about the foundation of the bridge which
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concerned experts. there is a concern of performance enhancing drugs about viagra. reportedly they are taking the blue pill to help their athleticism. is it legal? the controversial is coming -- controversy is coming up at 5:15. tara, what are you seeing? construction is wrapping up on the dumbarton and a high wind advisory is in effect for the bay bridge and you can feel it so it is going a little slower than usual. and coming through bay point, those are coming towards bay point and in san rafael, you can see 101, no problems as you go through san francisco and at the san mateo bridge, we have traffic flowing nicely and in hayward on the left. here is steve. thank you tara, in between systems, it is a ways to go and
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will work its way towards the north bay and it will slow down a bit. but a cloudy to mostly cloudy day, rain returns and there is rain not north bay, and the lighter rain and heavier rain goes into tonight and tomorrow morning. this will be morep of an event but for napa county north, 3 to 6 inches and it slows down and stalls out and there are signs it's still developing. there is still some light rain to the north and especially in northern napa into lake county. there is a lot of rain in the last 24 hours and ukiah is reporting rain. north of santa rosa, up to clover dale and you get some light rain and a little bit back over to novato and drizzle and light rain. everyone else will see cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. again it is enhancing and it is going to take awhile to get
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here. i mean it is mild in oakland, 59 degrees an locations are cooler. 58 degrees in haywood. again it is slowing down and it is on the north coast, just getting to crescent city in eureka and to the north bay it will be a mostly cloudy day, upper 60s for some. we will get a break late friday into sunday and then a break sunday night and it looks okay, pam. thank you steve. all the major european markets are up and south korea and hong kong all finished 1%. there is a sense of optimism about the u.s. coming to an understanding and only china bucked that percentage. that follows gains with the to you do you inching back closer
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. you don't see this that often. a zebra and a pony was running away in new york. they follow each other every place so it is no surprise they ran off together. eventually the police captured them and brought them back home. a rescued out well is -- owl is about strong enough to be released. it was caught in a fishing line which punctured its wing. people rescued him and it has been recovering in a wild care facility and it should be released back into the wild within the next week. new information this morning that professional football players are taking viagra to enhance their performance on the field. >> i have heard some crazy
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stories about viagra being taken on the field amount it all started by comments by brandon marshal. one doctor said it could enhance performance at higher altitude. >> at higher altitudes it would enhance a player's performance so if a team is going to a state such as colorado absolutely it would make sense. >> brandon marshal used to play in colorado. right now the drug has not been banned. it is the megabus backed by popular demand and service begins december 12th. if you book early you could pay
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as little as $1 for a ticket. and the website previously served the website back in 2007 and 2008 and let's see what is happening out there, so far we are looking good. >> a nice start to your thursday morning, a high wind advisory is in effect on the bay bridge. traffic is flowing well, northbound, and those heads lights are headed towards santa clara. traffic on the right-hand side, a little bit of stop and go as you head towards fremont. let's head over to steve. thank you tara, this is the in between day, cloudy and mild but there is still some light rain and it will arrive in the north bay and overnight into friday and we will take that into the weekend as well and things should look quieter. mostly cloudy and mild, 60s to
5:28 am
near 70 degrees and more coming up in about five minutes, dave. we are still following breaking news, a frightening discovery a young woman made in her home early this morning. police are asking for the public's help for our search for a teenage girl and why she may be at risk. plus what president barack obama wants to talk with mitt romney about at lunch today.
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. well, good morning to you welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is 5:30, november 29th everybody wants to know when the rain is coming back. >> do we need an umbrella? >> not unless you are in the north bay. it is cloudy and there is some rain in mendocino but that's just light stuff in advance of the heavier rain which is coming tonight and today's highs are 60s to near 70s in the south. here is a look at highway 24 and taillights are headed westbound as you make your way towards caldecott tunnel in orrin do. this is >> -- orinda. this is east shore freeway
5:32 am
headed towards the mcarthur maze, but there are no major headaches to talk about. let's head back to the desk. police are searching for a man who reportedly broke into the apartment of a young woman just hours ago. according to palo alto police, about 2:30 a.m. a woman in her 20s woke up and saw a man in her apartment. police say that man ran away and the woman was not hurt. police searched the area and they had a police dog with them and so far they have not found that man. the search for him continues. a search is underway for a missing stage girl from oakland. social workers say she has the mental capacity of a 6-year- old. joining us from the newsroom, there is growing concern about this girl. >> the search continues for that missing 16-year-old teenage girl. let's go to a picture of her.
5:33 am
her name is cheyenne white. she weighs 140 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. social workers who know her say she is at risk and has a mental capacity of a six-year-old. she was at a treatment facility and staff say she was last seen 10:45 friday night where she had been talking to a group of men between the ages of 17 and 25 and she was last seen wearing a pink shirt and converse tennis shoes. many are concerned because of her mental capacity and she needs to be return odd to a safe environment in her group home. there is no new information and needs to be returned. brian flores ktvu channel 2 morning news. oakland police are investigating the death of a man who was found shot inside his car. officer found the victim just after 8:00 last night. they went there after hearing
5:34 am
gunshots in the area and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene and so far no arrests have been made. well the second storm is headed for the bay area right now and this will be stronger than that first one. and along the great highway, they are talking about flooding they are worried about out there, alex? >> reporter: along the great highway, we are near the ocean beach area and that's that first round of rain which did create some street flooding and when you look, the roadway is drying out this morning. a much different scene yesterday though when the national park service was forced to close down the road because there was too much water that was pooling in this area. a man drove through the intersection and his car
5:35 am
stalled out part way through the water. they are rushing to get sandbags to people in flood prone areas. they have 6500 sandbags on standby as these next two systems are rolling in over the coming days. >> we have given out approximately 200 sandbags so far and we are clearing catch basins with overflowing leaves and we had couple of minor instances with trees coming down. meantime there are serious concerns about flooding and that's because back in april, heavy rain flooded in the apartment building and several businesses near that area. it is a low-lying area and that's why water tends to pool and several more inches of rain are on the way between now and the end of this weekend. if you want to get your hands on sandbags, they are available
5:36 am
for free near caesar chavez. keep in mind there is a limited amount and no word from the national park service when it will reopen. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the wind caused a lot of problems in the south bay and the roads were slick and one road overturned. 20 trees were either damaged or fell down around the city. despite all the rain, the water district said water levels have not changed much. >> the ground was dry so, we expect that the water just soaked in. but now that the ground is wet, we are hoping the next series of storms will bring more water into the reserviors. >> more than 13,000 people lost power and we checked this
5:37 am
morning with pg&e and still they are estimating the service will be back for people at 1:00 this afternoon. the utility department is organizing a 24 hour control center and they are organizing crews to help many through the storms. they are stocked and ready to be used and every person is on call. up to date information is available on water-main breaks and it will be available on the website. at least 90 flights in and out of the airport were canceled yesterday and other flights were delayed up to three hours. if you are traveling out of fso it is always best to check the websites before heading out to the airport. we will be here for you on hand
5:38 am
on your mobile device. we have two winners for the $580 million jackpot. winning tickets were sold in arizona. we don't have powerball in california but that could change. coming up, when you might be able to play. and tim geithner heads to capitol hill trying to push negotiations forwards on avoiding -- forward on avoiding that fiscal cliff. he is due to meet to talk about how to avoid a series of tax heights and series of cuts due to begin in january. president barack obama said he will do whatever it takes to get this done and also today, president barack obama will have lunch at the white house with mitt romney, his former rival. during his election speech he said he would reach out to mitt romney and he is doing it. the white house has no
5:39 am
specific ideas but they are looking forward to making the government work more efficiently. there is an accident in the east bay, a big-rig slammed into three parked cars and has spilled diesel. it slammed into these cars here and the fire department is trying to mop up the diesel fuel spill. this is right between san leandro and cost trough valley. and it is off of 162nd avenue and you can see that it has created quite a mess there, so the crews will be there for quite some time trying to contain this. it did happen almost an hour ago so they have been on the scene almost an hour ago. you can see traffic is flowing nicely in both directions and
5:40 am
in san francisco, we have a look at 101 and traffic is on the right-hand side as you drive towards hospital curve, things are looking good. here is steve. we have mostly cloudy skies, light rain to the north and when it comes, it looks like a slow mover and we will get some hefty totals. yesterday's rain about 1.5 and i have about 1.75. forestville, west santa rosa, kent about the same as fort brag there will be a lot of rain over the next 48 hours. our observer is 1.2 01. rain returns and there is a little bit of rain there. that will be tonight into tomorrow morning. marin napa county north, it is definitely possible as the system begins to move in. up towards lake county, clear
5:41 am
lake and over to clover dale. windsor, up to clover dale, there is still some light rain and it could be light and steady. san rafael, novato, i saw a little bit, nothing too heavy. overall, mostly cloudy day, mild and windy and we will tell you through the day. nothing windy unless you are up north and 6:00 finally beginning to make its move and it toes not do anything about it until 5:00. that system inches closer and there it is friday morning. it will take a lot to get here and it will be moderate to heavy. until then, 60s to near 70s rain friday morning saturday and things are quieter on monday. what is next on the same sex marriage issue and what is
5:42 am
happening now in san francisco ahead of tomorrow's meeting by the u.s. supreme court that will directly affect california. apple is expanding and we are updating you on the question that and is not -- apple is not interested in answering. we will tell you how much longer it will be before crews have this area cleared, stay tuned. the new color changing candle from air wick,
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. all right, welcome barks here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are
5:45 am
following at 5:44, the bay area is bracing for yet another big storm, you heard steve, and the great highway is closed because of standing water there. small rivers and creaks may flood by friday and into the weekend. police in palo alto are searching for a man who reportedly broke into a young woman's apartment just hours ago on hawthorn street. according to police, she woke up and that man ran away. san jose police were called out to a house fire started by a marijuana grow operation but now they are telling us it was a legal marijuana grow operation. the person at the home had a medical marijuana card. the fire was a small one and it burned part of that garage. nobody was hurt.
5:46 am
a deadly standoff has come to an end after more than 15 hours. police and s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home. joseph corey was armed inside the home and he was evicted on tuesday and when an animal control officer arrived to remove pets left behind, the officer was shot and killed. a bank employee was only grazed but authorities now have him in custody. new this morning, actress lindsay lohan was arrested again just hours ago in new york. lindsay lohan was arrested hours ago this morning she hit a woman in a face at a new york city nightclub. there she is covered up. we just got this in lindsay lohan is facing charges of third degree assault. if she is formally charged with this newest crime, this could
5:47 am
trigger yet another probation violation. we should know if it would be okay for same sex marriage and preparations are being made for the rush. the voter approved ban on same sex marriage in california. if the court decides not to take on the case, same sex marriage could be legal in a week or so. >> they will start to have staff on hand to perform marriages because there could be crowds and number two from a public safety perspective, that would delay a ruling until june. apple is adding a new work
5:48 am
site and apple robbedly will release it and the current buildings with 2 new office areas will be built. and that's in cupertino with the new space ship complex. apple has released space for thousands of employees in sunny veil. barry bonds is reacting to the controversy over his name now appearing on the ballot for the first time. bonds as you know was linked to performance enhancing drugs and coming up, why he says voters should put him in the hall of fame anyway. coming up at 5:55. the winning tickets were sold in arizona and missouri. this is video of yesterday's buying frenzy in st. louis. tickets were selling at a rate
5:49 am
of 130,000 a minute. california is not a participating state and californians were heading across the border in droves hoping to get lucky. >> powerball is headed here and our state's lottery commissioner told ktvu channel 2 morning news that powerball began in june and an agreement is expected to be finalized today. some people can't wait for powerball. they spent $200 on lotto tickets. >> my mom told him go buy lotto tonight. officials say you will be able to play by april of next year. time now 5:49. a big-rig accident, you have the chopper working too, right? >> that's right, it is slammed near 3 parked cars and you can
5:50 am
see the reason they were so concerned was because the rig was leaking diesel. this is off of east 14th street and in between san leandro and cater valley, a big-rig tow truck is on the scene trying to get the truck out of the area and we will keep you posted this morning. up next, in milpitas, you are starting to see brake lights but no major delays and that will change in the next half hour. all remembering savage -- alex savage will be reporting due to roadway flooding and the sand usually drifts on the road. this is typical and a high wind advisory is in effect for the bay bridge and we should see the metering lights going on within the next half hour.
5:51 am
let's check in with steve. you may need an umbrella unless you are to the north. the evening commute should be fine, it is not cold at all, it is mild. we just heard from them about 52 and most locations say cloudy, clear lake is showing some, it has been a little bit and back over towards hidden valley clover dale north, nothing too heavy and that's tonight, and no big deal, this is the break, the in betweener. it will take while to fit here. it is on its way and it will leave doesn't totals in the north basement there is very light rain until tonight. napa county north there is some
5:52 am
very impressive totals. there will be lesser amounts as we go south and today if you need to get something done and get the work out, temperatures near 70s towards gilroy. a break saturday night? i these things look a little bit quieter. it is the second consecutive week and economists are saying the numbers are fitting closer to what they expect this time of year. if you want to get your eyes open with a cup of coffee, this is something rare with an eye popping price tag. a shooting tragedy that will soon enter a new phase on the movie screen, stay tuned.
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it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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. two san bruno sisters were killed. they died when their family's suv ran and crashed into a parked chp cruiser on highway 101 in palo alto. two other sisters and their parents were also injured. they want to raise $10,000 and part of it will pay for an engraved memorial. the rest will go to other members of the family. >> fruit veil covers grant's final hours before the police officer was killed in 2009. the movie which stars academy award-winning actress will be competing in the drama festival. barry bonds is on baseball's hall of fame ballot.
5:57 am
they spoke with chronicle reporter john shay anotia said he just can't vote for players taking performance enhancing drugs even if it is barry bonds. he said if you believe i am a bad person or a drug person, no worries, i am okay with that. if you want to put me in for what i did as a player, that would be great, i want to be with everybody else who deserves it. we are talking about some starbucks customers paying a lot of money for a little morning coffee. starbucks is now offering a specialty coffee costa rica and it is available mostly up in portland seattle.
5:58 am
>> we were talking about fold gers. >> tara is covering traffic is morning. it is cloudy and we still have a high wind advisory in effect. let's head down to the 880 split and folks are headed northbound no delays and headed towards the plaza, it is not that bad typically at this time of the morning we see a lot more back up so those metering lights are on and let's head back to the desk. palo alto police are frantically searching after a young man made a frightening discovery. right now they say it is not
5:59 am
making them feel safe. it looks strong fur than what we had yesterday and i will have more on the forecasted highs and when that rain arrives.


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